Editorial Policy

Today News Pedia’s primary goal is to uphold the highest journalistic standards to deliver unique and top-quality articles and news to our valued readers.

By contributing to our platform, you agree to abide by the following terms, understanding that adherence is crucial for your article to be accepted. You will be required to enter into a contract with us, which will necessitate your written consent to this policy.

  1. Originality: All articles must be 100% original and pass plagiarism checks, including Copyscape. Writers are required to submit content that has never been published before, seeking approval from our editors. Plagiarized or spun content derived from pre-existing articles will not be accepted.
  2. Claims and Data: When discussing financial matters, it is vital to thoroughly verify all claims and data presented in the article. False claims or biased information will not be tolerated.

    We ensure that all data published on our website is already available in the public domain and verified by credible sources. Writers must provide links to relevant websites where the data, statistics, or claims were previously published.

Additionally, it is essential to support claims with empirical evidence, which can include pictures, graphs, and screenshots. Claims that lack support from authority websites or experts should be avoided.

  1. Value: Every article you write should add value to our readers’ understanding of finance. Your article must have a clear objective aimed at providing valuable insights.

    We strive to offer unbiased articles that deliver the latest news and help readers grasp the intricacies of various financial topics. Under no circumstances should your article promote or market any currency, market, or company.

  2. Promotions and Marketing: Articles must not contain any promotional or marketing content related to finance, company, or individual. The titles, subheadings, and content should always be straightforward and unbiased.

    Avoid linking any articles that promote a company, currency, or individual. The use of promotional or marketing links is strongly discouraged.

  3. Audience: Keep in mind that our readers are not the general public but individuals genuinely interested in finance. Your articles should cater to readers who already possess some understanding of the finance sphere.

    We aim to provide them with the latest information and news about different financial matters. Familiarize yourself with our readership before composing an article.

  4. Acceptance of the Article: The decision to accept or reject an article solely lies with the editorial board. Our editors reserve the right to accept or reject articles without providing an explanation.

    If your article is accepted, we will promptly notify you. The board’s decisions are considered final and binding for all writers.

  5. News Writing: When contributing news articles, ensure that each piece is verified with credible sources. Although we have shorter timelines for publishing news, authenticity remains a top priority.

    All news posts must be supported by empirical evidence and well-researched data.

By adhering to this editorial policy, you will contribute to the creation of high-quality content that benefits our readers and upholds our commitment to delivering trustworthy news and information. Thank you for being a part of the Today News Pedia community!