Is Mike Bowling Gay? Debunking the Rumors and Clarifying His Straight Orientation

Is Mike Bowling Gay? Mike Bowling is a virtuoso record producer, songwriter, and gospel singer. He was born on June 24, 1958, in Kentucky, United States. Mike’s life when he was young is a bit mysterious.

Some of his haters are saying that he is gay because he got divorced from his wife. But is that true? Is he really gay, and did that have something to do with his divorce?

If you want to know more about Mike Bowling’s sexuality and if he says he’s gay or not, just keep reading this article.

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Is Mike Bowling Gay?

Is Mike Bowling Gay

No, Mike Bowling is not gay. There were rumors online for a while suggesting that Mike Bowling might be gay. Fans were curious to hear him talk about his sexuality, but he never did.

Until now, the singer of “I Take Him Back” has stayed silent on this matter. However, he did share some parts of his personal life, like pictures of his wife and children. These pictures make it clear that Mike Bowling is not gay.

Mike Bowling was wise to keep his Instagram account public, where he posted pictures of his daughters and his wife, Kelly. You can find many photos of them, especially of his daughters.

While he didn’t reveal a lot about his family to the media, except for his wife’s name, these images give us a clear idea about his sexuality. Mike Bowling is heterosexual, and his marriage to Kelly and their three biological daughters is proof of that.

The rumors about his sexual orientation as a gay person likely started when fans assumed that Bowling and Kelly would split up in 2021. Kelly had to leave their blue house along with their daughters.

She posted a picture of the house and a heartfelt status update, which made people realize that the couple was no longer together. Kelly’s mother commented on the post, confirming the divorce to the fans.

This news shocked his supporters and led to the question, “Is Mike Bowling gay?” The answer is quite clear. He is not gay because he wouldn’t have married Kelly and had three children with her if he were.

It’s sad to hear that their long-term marriage ended and that the couple has chosen to keep the reasons for their separation private. After the divorce, Mike stopped posting on his Instagram, and Kelly stopped sharing pictures of him on her profile.

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Is Mike Bowling Gay?

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