Was Fred Astaire Gay? Debunking the Myths Surrounding His Sexuality

Was Fred Astaire Gay: Fred Astaire was a multi-talented American performer who was famous for dancing, acting, singing, choreography, and presenting. People widely consider him the best dancer in popular music history. He had an impressive career in the movie and TV industry that spanned 76 years.

The most common question people search for about Fred Astaire on the internet is whether he was gay or not. This curiosity arises from how he looked, behaved, and carried himself. Also, the role he played in “The Gay Divorcee” led his fans to think about his sexuality. However, we need to be careful about believing all the rumors about his sexuality.

Keep reading the article to know everything about his sexuality and to find out if Fred Astaire was gay or not!

Was Fred Astaire Gay?

Was Fred Astaire Gay

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Was Fred Astaire Gay?

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According to Today News Pedia’s Research, Fred Astaire was Not Gay

Was Fred Astaire Gay

Yes, Fred Astaire was not gay. We can be certain of this because he was married to two different women during his lifetime. In 1933, Fred Astaire married Phyllis Potter, and they had two children together. They stayed together until Phyllis passed away in 1954. Their marriage lasted for a remarkable twenty-one years, and they supported each other through thick and thin.

Later in life, Fred Astaire married Robyn Smith. They got married in 1980, with a notable age difference of 43 years between them. Fred was 81 years old, while Robyn was 35 at the time of their marriage.

Our team of content writers conducted thorough research using reliable sources, and we can confidently say that Fred Astaire was straight and had romantic relationships with women only. The evidence from his marriages and family life strongly supports this conclusion.

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Short Bio Of Kirk Hammett

Name Fred Astaire
Full Name Frederick Austerlitz
Date of Dirth May 10, 1899
Place of Birth Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Died June 22, 1987 (aged 88)
Place of Death Los Angeles, California, United States
Alvieni Master School of the Theatre and Academy of Cultural Arts
Net Worth at the Time of Death $10 Million
Father Friedrich “Fritz” Emanuel Austerlitz
Mother Johanna “Ann” Geilus
Profession Dancer, Actor, Singer, Choreographer and Presenter
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed (Ashkenazi Jewish- German)
Religion Episcopalian

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